Household appliances with an environment-friendly soul

21 May 2021

The forecasts for the future of our planet are becoming more and more alarming: the greenhouse effect and the consequent climate changes may soon change the scenarios to the detriment of our ecosystem and thus our wellbeing. Like others, the household appliance industry is being called upon to review its production cycles and offer an active response to the need to increase responsibility for the environment. We must manage finite energy resources intelligently and make optimal use of the energy available from free, renewable sources, in a process that combines technological innovations with a great sense of social responsibility.

Glem Gas adopts an industrial policy strongly oriented towards environmental protection, via intensive research and experimentation aimed at continual improvements in appearance and performance that embraces the entire product life cycle, and thus also the eco-sustainable management of its components.

Conceiving an appliance and manufacturing it to outstanding technical quality standards inevitably also includes the choice of processes and materials that enable the almost total recycling of the finished product. Glem Gas appliances are therefore manufactured with technologies that enable the recovery of their components, implementing a principle of reuse in line with a meticulous environmental strategy. The entire process is shifting towards environmentally aware design of products, built to last over time but also to be sustainable, using as many recyclable materials as possible and delivering more efficient, higher-performing solutions but with less energy consumption. Unused appliances and equipment enter a specific treatment process to recover most of their component materials and thus reduce environmental impact.

Reflecting this commitment, recently Glem Gas undertook a scrapping procedure on a lot of 112 tonnes of waste material. Each type of equipment was broken down into its various components and then recycled with impressive percentage results on the entire volume:

97% of raw materials reused
1% recovered in the form of energy

We like to think that every cooker is part of a shared project, avoiding waste and adopting reuse and self-recycling, aiding us on our way to a better future with optimal safeguards for the natural world.


Household appliances with an environment-friendly soul