Glem has changed how to conceive the kitchen through a new aesthetic function of the appliances. It is a creative room where design and functionality allow to express the own taste and style thanks to the versatility of a range, aesthetically refined and simple to use, in position to satisfy any tastes and needs. Glem represents the Italian excellence in realizing cooking appliances at an international level. Our product range, wide and varied, follows and brings forward the market development so as to grant the highest quality world-wide.

Projecting the future of the kitchen

Marcello Cutino, designer
He has founded “BCF Immagine and Design” and he has been signing projects both in an international and national field since more than 30 years in the following areas: kitchen, sanitary fittings, accessories for the house and technical items.
His research has come closer to the emotional design since years which represents a new approach to the planning inspired by an aesthetic tight to sensations and emotions. It is a different way, not only from the designer but also from the user, to discover and understand the product not as a mere functional element but as a real environmental protagonist and a furnishing of his own personality.
He has obtained, under is BCF studio, a lot of rewards among which we would like to recall Compasso d’oro ADI Design Index in 2009 and in 2011 for Glem Monofuoco Origine project. He publishes a lot of articles on Italian design reviews: “Bagno & Accessori”,”Auto & Design”, “Il bagno”, “Ambiente cucina”.



Towards innovation
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Read the design of Matrix

Today I would like to introduce a reflection on the design of Matrix, convinced that the design of a product is like reading a story; a story that is expressed, instead of with words, with lines, colours and shapes that in their articulation express its character. What is read in this story? That the kitchen by Matrix was created to be young, linear, refined, far from the heavy and professional image typical of free standing kitchens in the interior design market.

The details that make it up such as the handle, knobs, racks and finally the careful study of the proportions are attributable to a precise logic that tends to recall styles, parallels and interact with the world of furniture, kitchen and technology.

Thus, it is understood that the horizontal line of the handle is designed to be integrated with the new interior design solutions of kitchens, and that the knobs are inspired by the latest trends of command systems.

The design is revealed in a closer reading rather than a simple look or impression, and the two videos below invite you to discover it.

Happy viewing - Marcello Cutino

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The new fashions in entertaining and the case of Trittico

Introducing Trittico: a worktop designed for the new fashions in entertaining in modern kitchens.

Today, the new fashions in entertaining require the host or hostess to interact with guests not only while food is eaten but also as the dishes on the menu are prepared and produced.
The preparation and cooking of food becomes a fundamental ingredient in a holistic experience, in which guests watch the cook or chef at work and savour the flavours and fragrances of the kitchen.

Trittico is a worktop tailored for modern kitchens, with three working zones for the chef, covering washing, preparation and cooking. For preparation, in particular, it is equipped with the Aquapiano, a new appliance comprising a multipurpose worktop complete with a stream of water running underneath the work surface. As well as carrying away food preparation residues, this flowing water enhances the fragrances of the foods handled, and it, together with the attractive noise it makes, carries as much emotional weight as the sight and warmth of a fire burning in a fireplace. Trittico is completed by the cooking area, with both induction hob and burners, irreplaceable for some cooking procedures such as tossing pasta in its toppings.

Trittico is therefore a solution that is unbeatable for lovers of the latest cooking trends, who want to display their cooking skills to their guests.

Enjoy! - Marcello Cutino

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The dual personality of the Riflesso hood

The Riflesso hood has a dual personality: function and emotion. Its streamlined design fits well into the most widely varying kitchen furnishing solutions. The remote motor unit means extremely quiet operation.
Inside, Riflesso has a compartment to take spice jars so they are always to hand when cooking. On the outside, the hood carries a backlit mirror.

The emotional factor

The Riflesso hood’s mirror draws the onlooker into the culinary aesthetic, emphasising the aspect of visual show. This factor is becoming unceasingly important today, as for example the most famous chefs produce dishes that combine choice raw materials with artistic inspiration in the arrangement of the food on the plate.

Similarly, the kitchen itself, no longer a place only accessible to those actually working on food preparation, is being transformed into a kind of theatre, where the chef shows off his skills to his audience, combining taste and aesthetic expression. The mirror of the Riflesso hood becomes the focal point of this aspect of the kitchen.

Enjoy! - Marcello Cutino

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