Ceramic Glass Hob 4 zones 60 cm

60 cm ceramic hob
4 high-light zones
Total power: 6.000 W
6 power levels
Side knobs controls
Residual heat indicator
High resolution image
Technical drawing
Ceramic Glass Hob 4 zones 60 cm - GTH64K


Residual heat indicator

Residual heat indicator

All of Glem’s glass ceramic hobs have a residual heat indicator. When the hob is turned off, the warning light stays on until the hob has cooled down to below 60 °C, in the interest of added safety.

Technical features

Code GTH64K
Typology Ceramic Glass
Power 6.000 W
Colour Black glass
Dimension 60 cm
The company reserves the right to change and update the technical specifications and the pictures at any time, as it deems necessary to improve the product.

Technical support

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