Emotional design

The Progetti collection is the great result of creativity and fruitfull collaboration between Glem Gas Design Center and Marcello Cutino (BCF design). Focusing on research, we put together new material combinations and adopting the most modern technology available went through a new emotional approach to the product. We were able to to transform the aesthetic, the design and the function in such a way to be fascinating and surprising. The Progetti collection consider the appliance to be not only an efficient tool but also a “sensitive” object which is aligned to contemporary kitchen design, suggesting new emotions, with its own history and background.

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The beauty of simplicity in a daily rate

ORIGINE HOB The beauty of simplicity in a daily rate

The pure expression of the emotional design: originals shape and materials reinvent the style of the single burner in the kitchen. Made from Monolite Ipergres®, a warm and natural material never used for this purpose, it reflects the symbolic link between the human being and the earth. “Origine” breaks the rectangular schemes of cooktops, and rediscovers the basis of the object’s foundation, playing an central role in changing the way we view the kitchen. It changes the shapes. An important dimension makes it look more like a brazier rather than a single gas burner. No longer a coordinated appliance, but a piece of furniture with a strong and unique personality, representing your style and your way of life: more advanced and refined.

The matter and the essence

Ebony or walnut for the “Origine” knob, satinized chromed or bronzed for the control area, cast iron for the pan support, Monolite Ipergres® for the plate: a ceramic mixture fired at high
temperatures through the mono-cooking technique, resistant to scratches, shocks and to the attack of aggressive substances of the food and seasonings used to cook. Dishwasher-safe.

The matter and the essence

Origine single hob won the honorary mention

Origine single hob won the honorary mention  at XXII COMPASSO D’ORO award

The jury of the XXII ADI – COMPASSO D’ORO AWARD gives to the Origine single hob by Glem the honorary mention – Compasso d’Oro Award. “The COMPASSO D’ORO Award represents the most authoritative design award worldwide, just the honorary mention for a Glem Gas’s product, together with the nomination as a good in the national interest, represents a major success for us. It shows how the company is oriented to strengthen its commitment to the design of its products and make it central to the differentiation in the market, as well as being for us the true meaning of Made in Italy. A special thanks goes to all colleagues who have worked in the company for this very important success and to Marcello Cutino – BCF Design for having significantly contributed to this great project.

ADI Design Index is the annual publication of ADI Associazione per il Disegno Industriale (Industrial Design Association) that collects the best Italian design put into production.

Shades of light

AMBIENTE OVEN Shades of light

It is exactly with the senses, the eyes and the colour, what the new oven “Ambiente” plays with: the coloured light indicates the different cooking stages, and plays a clear emotional role, giving to the cooking area a special atmosphere. The outlines are satinized black or stainless steel, the controls are minimal, the handle is flush with the oven; the door has three sheets of glass to create perfect temperature inside and cooler temperature outside, the cavity is copper enamelled and equipped with telescopic guides. A digital programmer is easy to use. “Ambiente” goes beyond the beauty, it represents a sophisticated technology rewarding you with its function.

When the colour talks

Varying its intensity the light shows the different functions of the oven: when the temperature is low, while defrosting for example, the light is blue, whereas it gradually turns red as the temperature increases. An amber colour indicates the function called “ambient light” and the oven becomes a perceptible presence within the kitchen furniture.

When the colour talks

Cooking innovation in a dark suit

STELLARE INDUCTION HOB Cooking innovation in a dark suit

The elegance of a black glass makes a beautiful setting to the most advanced type of cooking in the kitchen. The Induction is the synonymous of the total control on the cooking temperature, allowing an easy management of the delicate recipes and ensuring the maximum power when necessary. The red touch controls always guide you on the functions, ready to disappear in order to leave the space to the elegance.

Complementary features

Complementary features

Improving one’s own capacities and professional abilities is a sign of character. Induction “Stellare” consists of two complementary features: the gas flame to cook and the induction for better functions like the speed to reach temperature and cooking time control which make the kitchen both easier to use and more refined.