Towards innovation:  read the design of Matrix

Today I would like to introduce a reflection on the design of Matrix, convinced that the design of a product is like reading a story; a story that is expressed, instead of with words, with lines, colours and shapes that in their articulation express its character. What is read in this story? That the kitchen by Matrix was created to be young, linear, refined, far from the heavy and professional image typical of free standing kitchens in the interior design market.

The details that make it up such as the handle, knobs, racks and finally the careful study of the proportions are attributable to a precise logic that tends to recall styles, parallels and interact with the world of furniture, kitchen and technology.Thus, it is understood that the horizontal line of the handle is designed to be integrated with the new interior design solutions of kitchens, and that the knobs are inspired by the latest trends of command systems. The design is revealed in a closer reading rather than a simple look or impression, and the two videos below invite you to discover it. 

Happy viewing - Marcello Cutino -

Towards innovation