Pasta with endive, walnuts and gorgonzola

Pasta with endive, walnuts and gorgonzola


320 g giant fusilli


200 g Belgian endive and prickly lettuce

100 g hot gorgonzola

60 g cream

50g minced walnut

60 g leek

1 cipollotto

20 g grated parmesan

extra virgin olive oil

salt, pepper

Wither in oil the leek and the cipolotto minced. When they are transparent, remove from the burner and whisk. Add salt and pepper.

Add the cream, half gorgonzola diced, and make dissolve over low heat.

Mince the vegetables previously washed and dried. Sauté briefly in few oil and keep them aside.

Boil the pasted in lot of salted water, drain and put into the pan with the endive and the prickly lettuce, the leek, the gorgonzola and the grated parmesan.

Garnish with the remaining gorgonzola diced and the walnuts.

  • 20 min
  • a.r.
  • very easy
  • 4
  • Burner advised: RAPID SEMI-RAPID