Guinea fowl, basil, cherry and almond petal salad

Guinea fowl, basil, cherry and almond petal salad

The stated amounts are for 4 portions:
½ guinea fowl
8 cherries
6 leaves of basil
100 g sliced almonds
seed oil
salt and pepper

Roast the guinea fowl, remove the meat from the bones, also removing the skin and cartilage, and leave to cool.
Wash, dry and pit the cherries and cut them in half.
Wash the basil leaves, dry them and tear them into small pieces.
Break the meat down into small pieces with your hands, place it in a bowl, pour in a dribble of oil, add a pinch of salt and pepper and mix to soften and to spread the flavours.
Add the cherries, the basil and the almonds and mix gently to distribute the flavours and colours without damaging any of the ingredients.
Serve at room temperature.

Recommended with savoury creamed rice, prepared as follows: cook 40 g of basmati rice in 500 ml of single cream until almost done; form an emulsion with the rice and a pinch of salt and pepper, adding a few spoonfuls of vegetable stock and seed oil to obtain a smooth, creamy mixture.

Antonella Alberghini

  • 40'
  • a.r.
  • medium
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