A Stradivarius for the People

20 March 2014

Glem Gas is sponsor of Matteo Fedeli’s concert in Modena dome

The notes of the precious “Antonio Stradivari 1715 ex Bazzini” violin resounded in the Cathedral of Modena, during a free admission concert of violinist Matteo Fedeli, entitled “Uno Stradivari per il Duomo” which paid tribute to the composer Astor Piazzolla. Matteo Fedeli is known as “the man of Stradivari” for having played in prestigious venues, both in Italy and abroad, the magnificent instruments made by the luthier from Cremona.

The concert in the Cathedral, promoted by the Municipality and Province of Modena, the Legislative Assembly of the Emilia-Romagna region, the Capitolo Metropolitano of Modena and the Musical chapel of the Cathedral, was also realized thanks to Glem Gas which supports the project he created “Uno Stradivari per la Gente”. To promote the art and beauty of Italian music was also an opportunity to raise funds for the project “Microresidenze” of ASP (Body providing services for persons) of the Municipalities in the Northern Area, which includes the construction of living units providing assistance for elderly and partially self-sufficient disabled in nine municipalities of the Bassa Modenese area, still suffering for the earthquake of 2012.

A Stradivarius for the People