12 September 2018


In an increasingly sophisticated market, strongly aware of consumer health and safety, Glem Gas is a pioneer, leading the way in the high quality of its products and the professionalism with which it sets out to achieve all the quality standards required by the new European and international regulations.


Glem Gas has received European GAR (Gas Appliances Regulation) certification, guaranteeing safety and protection against explosions, flames and high external temperatures during the use of gas cookers and eliminating the risks of suffocation, poisoning and the contamination of water and food through exposure to harmful substances generated by combustion processes.
In accordance with the new Regulation (EU) 2016/426 (GAR) on appliances burning gaseous fuels, in force since 21 April 2018, Glem Gas has issued and documented a risk assessment for its appliances and accessories on the basis of “foreseeable and reasonable” use of the product. All cookers in the Glem Gas range, a total of 24 articles, hold GAR certification. The guarantee mark will appear on both the packaging and on the product itself.
Our gas cookers are designed and built to prevent the release of unburnt gases which could lead to potential health hazards.
They also comply with the latest, constantly evolving technical requirements which set the “state of the art” for each product. All appliances and accessories come complete with instructions and safety, use and maintenance instructions, as well as installation guidelines for the specialist installer.

GAR is only the latest in a long series of major certifications Glem Gas has obtained, in compliance with the most stringent regulations in force for the distribution of its products in Middle Eastern countries.


In 2016, we were the first manufacturers to obtain the G-MARK (Gulf Conformity Marking), a Gulf State conformity mark (the equivalent of the European CE conformity mark). The G-Mark is a necessary prerequisite for the sale of appliances in the countries which make up the GCC Standardization Organization (GSO). Manufacturers must prove compliance with the safety and quality standards in force in this area, and with the additional requirements enforced by the GSO, contained in Gulf Technical Regulations BD14004. The G-Mark has been added to the existing safety standards and procedures currently in force in the seven Arab states.


ECAS (Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme) is a conformity mark that certifies the quality and safety requirements necessary for products distributed in the United Arab Emirates, awarded by means of the ESMA certifying body. Our gas cookers meet the relevant safety requirements, and the national and Islamic safety regulations, as envisaged by the procedures in force in Middle Eastern countries.


Under the 2015 regulations, Glem Gas was the first European company to obtain the SASO (Saudi Arabian Standards Organization) Quality Mark, compulsory for products offered for sale in Saudi Arabia. Our gas cookers meet the relevant essential safety requirements, and the national and Islamic safety regulations, as envisaged by this country’s standards.

To obtain these certificates, the Glem Gas design and production departments constantly cooperate with its partners, and products constantly undergo routine functional tests to guarantee their reliability, quality and safety over time. Therefore, to support responsible, ethical economic development, Glem Gas products comply with all the necessary standards which protect consumers’ rights and safeguard the environment.