Matrix was chosen for the filming of the video on its Blue Stone line by Moneta, historic Italian cookware brand.

See below for our exclusive interview with designer Marcello Cutino, founder of BCF Immagine e Design, who has been creating national and international projects for the kitchen appliance and cookware, sanitary fitting, home accessories and technical articles sectors for more than 30 years.

What does honest design mean?
You don't often hear the word "honest" used with reference to design; people usually talk about brilliant, distinctive, functional, or vintage design.  "Honest" design is sincere and truthful. With this concept, the appearance and performance of the piece of furniture or household object are what one would expect; it has no hidden aims and does not encourage false expectations. Products like this are the ones you don't realise you own, you've always had them; they have a discreet elegance and fulfil their functions simply and effectively.

Can you give examples that best express this design style?
The Moneta range of cookware and the Matrix cooker show exactly what our philosophy of "honest" design entails. They express the values of subtle elegance and plain, simple convenience that make them popular products, just right for a very high proportion of consumers.

Honest design also recently starred in a video ...
The video Moneta recently made for the retail chains displays the performance features of a set of pans using a Glem Matrix cooker. The Matrix cooker was chosen because it looked good with the interior design and furnishings used, and helped to convey the video's message to best effect. Matrix and Moneta share the same design language.


"Honest" design