60cm 4 Zone Induction Hob

Equipped with independent inductors all plates the Glem induction cooktop can be used simultaneously with an overall maximum power of 7000W.
The control panel is easy to use with each cooking zone provided with a timer that can be programmed up to 99 minutes.
The timer switches the zone off at the end of the set time and produces a short sound to announce that the cooking cycle is complete.

Induction cooktops operate through the process of electromagnetic induction. A magnetic field induces the bottom of the pot and a large amount of thermal energy can be produced very efficiently and quickly.
The induction hob will only work when covered with a pan with a magnetic base. You can check your cookware by using a magnet, if the magnet sticks to the base then that pot is suitable.
Non magnetic pots such as aluminium, copper, glass, ceramic or stainless steel without a magnetic base are not suitable. It is also importand that the pots you use have a flat bottom.

German made ceramic glass top
Stainless steel front safety frame
Touch controls
4 Cooking zones
590W x 520D
9 Stage cooking settings
Automatic pan sensor
Automatic safety switch off
Residual heat indicators
Child lock
2 x 2000W zones - Front Right and Rear Left
2 x 1500W zones - Front Left & Rear Right
Total maximum power 7000W

Technical data sheet
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60cm 4 Zone Induction Hob - GLIND64B


Touch control

Touch control

The new electronic touch programmer allows to set easily and quickly the required cooking time.

Children safety lock

Children safety lock

This device disables the functions of the hob immediately, preventing a child from adjusting or changing the control settings.

Residual heat indicator

Residual heat indicator

All of Glem’s glass ceramic hobs have a residual heat indicator. When the hob is turned off, the warning light stays on until the hob has cooled down to below 60 °C, in the interest of added safety.

Technical features

Typology Induction
Power 7000 W
Colour Black glass
Dimension 60 cm
The company reserves the right to change and update the technical specifications and the pictures at any time, as it deems necessary to improve the product.

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