The induction hob represents the advanced technology for domestic kitchens. Induction is a simple physical principle where an electronic circuit, fitted in the hob, powers and controls a coil that creates induced currents. When you place a pot on the hob, these currents pass through it to heat it up immediately. The food in the pot captures the heat generated and is cooked in the traditional manner. Thanks to this simple physical principle, the induction hob does not create heat and is extremely easy to adjust; as a result one can prepare food in a way never thought possible before. For example, it is possible to melt caramel or chocolate without resorting to a bain marie, or boil two litres of water in just 5 minutes rather than the 9/10 minutes it takes on a traditional hob.


Perfect cooking


It activates automatically if the user forgets to turn off the heating element after cooking. In case there are no power variation within a limited period of time, the heating zone will switch off automatically.

The hob switches off automatically when any water or other liquid overflows.

Induction does not heat outside the pot space. The heat generated by the pot during use of the hob is not transmitted to the surface around the cooking area. There is also a warning light that indicates residual heat so you know when the area under the pot has cooled down to a safe temperature (< 60° C)

Induction hobs do not convey heat so any spilled or overflowed liquid does not adhere to the surface and can be removed easily with a simple sponge.

The cooktop itself produces electromagnetic vibrations, which induce the pot or pan to generate its own heat. The results are shorter heat-up times, greater precision and a safer cooking surface.

Three preset cooking temperatures, allow automatic preparation of a wide range of dishes.
After selecting the most suitable cooking temperature (40° - 70° - 90°), you have the possibility to move freely without giving particular attention to the cooking, because a temperature sensor controls and maintains stable the cooking temperature. In this way you will optimize energy consumption with a great cooking result.

When you need to save time and get cooking faster, you can use the booster function. It gives you an extra burst of energy that quickly heats your pan, and its contents, to the highest temperatures. It’s perfect when you need to cook faster.

The Timer function allows you to program the cooking time: when the period of time elapses, the burner turns off automatically.