Glem changes its “essence” and starts a new itinerary that will change the image of the Brand in order to highlight those values that have always been the distinctive feature of its way to intend and to do “kitchen”.

The new website is only one of the communications medium that Glem will develop in order to enhance the value of a new communication style oriented to the customer and, in general, to all the people interested in the fascinating “kitchen world”.
In the web’s and in the social network’s era our customers become the protagonists of the brand which must strenghten and vary its contents. Glem which pays attention to these changes, “will give voice” to its own image by binding itself to concepts such as sharing, conviviality, attendance: this process begins inside the company and from the people directly involved. Transparency, clarity and rapidity are features both of our products and of Glem philosophy: they are the concepts, the first choices, the technologies applied, the materials and their use, namely the relation among designers, industry and customers.

Evolving look