11 December 2014

A large space dedicated to Glem in the first issue of the magazine and dedicated website, with an exclusive interview with Marco Guerzoni, Product Manager responsible for the coordination and development of products within the company.

Home Appliances World, the international version of the site and the Ae-Apparecchi Elettrodomestici (Home Appliances) magazine, was created to provide its contribution in offering greater visibility on international markets to Italian companies operating in the field of kitchen home appliances. 
In terms of design and technology, Italy has always been one of the greatest leaders in the world: it is necessary to support and implement these Made-in-Italy values with strategies that highlight the quality and specialization of our products. For too long, companies have been at the service of distribution that has forced them to competitiveness based on the price logic. This approach has meant that in many cases appliances have been perceived by consumers as an essential object that is poorly differentiated and with little added value.

Glem has to be a part of this commitment for the relaunch of excellence that represents a strategic sector in Italian industry, as explained by Marco Guerzoni: "Mere competition, albeit very healthy, involves the loss of opportunities and advantages which we can no longer afford to do without. In terms of system-Country, it is also desirable that roads and reforms finally be undertaken that support and facilitate the expression of our Made in Italy."

"Tradition and innovation have coexisted in our way of thinking and working since 1959. Only through their mix we will be able to provide the right answers to our customers. We believe that product or process innovation is vital to enable us to keep up with the times, however without forgetting our past, inexhaustible source of experience and knowledge."

Watch the complete interview with Marco Guerzoni, Product Manager of Glem Gas

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