Crystal gas hob

Performance and features
60 cm Crystal gas hob
4 gas burners
Total power: 7.300 W

One-hand electronic ignition
Flame failure device (FFD)

4 singles rounds cast iron pan support

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Technical drawing
Crystal gas hob  - GV64HBK


Cast iron pan support

Cast iron pan support

Cast Iron is a very heat-resistant material that makes hobs long-lasting and similar to the professional ones, from an aesthetical point of view as well as from a functional one. They have been designed with particular attention to safety so that pans of any dimension can be put on them without falling over.

One-hand ignition

One-hand ignition

The one-hand ignition allows to ignite the cooker through an easy pression of the knob.

Safety Valve

Safety Valve

Thermocouple stops the flow of gas in the event of an accidental flame failure. The thermocouple intervenes within 3 seconds of the flame switching off and it is active even in the event of a power cut.


Code GV64HBK
Typology Crystal
Power 7.300 W
Colour Black glass
Dimension 60 cm
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