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Glem brand belongs to Glem Gas group established in 1959 in Modena, in the heart of Emilia and of this territory it proudly carries on the culinary excellence, the artistic tradition, the passion for the land, the spirit of innovation and the craftsmanship of its people. The technological and aesthetic content of our products represents our absolute value, a rigorous and emblematic image of Made in Italy.

Authenticity, Quality and Pragmatism

GLEM VALUES   Authenticity, Quality and Pragmatism

Over fifty years of experience in the production of home appliances for cooking, years distinguished by a constant, uncompromising commitment to ideals that Glem Gas has continued to pursue with unflagging vigor. Authenticity, Quality, Pragmatism are our main core values inspiring Design principles, Product touchpoints, Brand Communication that constantly guide our quest to create highly specialized products in terms of performance, reliability and safety, products boasting an approach to design that is aesthetically pleasing, functional and ergonomic.

Authenticity for us means going back to the roots of products picking up from the emotional memory, redesigning traditional shapes through a contemporary language and turning the beauty of handcraft into the industrial process.

Quality is synonymous with generating and implementing new and different ideas, knowing materials, technologies and processes, focusing on harmony between shapes and materials.

Pragmatism leads our research for leveraging on the value of product usefulness, thinking of what is essential to the people, making a variety of options available.

a brief timeline

OUR HISTORY  a brief timeline

Glem Gas was born in 1959 at Modena. As in the best post-war Italian tradition the company was founded by 3 old friends who had the intuition to start producing small gas operated heaters and chimneys. Later on their desire to enlarge the range led to the creation of the first freestanding Glem Gas cooker. A determined passion, hard work and much R&D have been necessary to realize modern cookers ahead of their time.

1965 Launch of the new high range models establishes Glem Gas as a successful player in the domestic market
1975 Launch of the new maxi oven cookers brings Glem Gas to market leadership in the Middle East
1985 “Admiral” model introduces on the market a new cooker style: the semi-professional
1989 Glem Gas enlarges its presence worldwide and develop a new plant near Modena
1990 High industrial product development (new mechanical department)
2000 New opening of branches in France, Portugal and Australia
2002 Glem Gas is the first company to introduce multifunction gas oven with fan
2006 Lean production concepts introduced in the manufactuing process
2008 New line for assemblying and welding of built-in ovens. Acquisition of a new welding plant
2009 Glem Gas becomes market leader in Italy for free-standing cookers under the Glem Brand
2011 Glem Gas is awarded with the Honorable Mention by the Compasso d’Oro Design Association for design and quality excellence
2013 Glem Gas products are distributed in over 50 countries worldwide