Cookers - Glem Gas
Cookers - Glem Gas

Italian made by glem gas. Designed for australia.

Glem - regularly reported as the number one selling cooker brand in Italy for the last 10 years.

Matrix 90 A contemporary design cooker. Now available in BLACK. NEW for 2019
This series is our latest in premium cooker development. The cooktop has a 40mm square profile with a single piece rear splashback making it a simple wipe down clean. The high powered wok burner is mounted on the left hand side to allow clearance for a full sized wok or pan and there are 2 large burners, a medium burner and a small burner. Choice of 3 oven options - gas, electric or the Bi Energy model which is available exclusively through Harvey Norman.

Unica 90
A family sized cooker for family sized meals. The 132 litre oven has a huge usable capacity. There is a 5 burner cooktop for total flexibility in cooking and unlike any other brand we only use long life fibreglass sheathed door seals and stainless steel legs that last the life of the cooker. There is the choice of a multifunction electric oven or a fan assisted gas oven.

Stainless steel rangehoods for Australian homes. - Glem Gas
Stainless steel rangehoods for Australian homes.

Quiet Air Silent Rangehoods - NEW 800 Series - Classic Series Rangehoods

Selecting the right rangehood for you - Call Gem Gas service on 1 300 307 917 for further information.

On Board or Off Board Rangehoods

Off board means the fan motor is located away from the rangehood - "Off Board". The advantage is the silent rangehood operation. 

On board means a conventional rangehood where the fan motor is located inside the rangehood itself. These rangehoods can be recirculated and installed in apartments and homes where an Off Board rangehood is unsuitable.

Quiet Air Rangehoods - Essentially silent. The Glem Quiet Air series of rangehoods have the fan motor "Off Board". The motor is away from the rangehood and located in the ceiling cavity. The only noise is air passing through the filter. All Glem Quiet Air rangehoods have a 7 Year Motor Warranty and include a full installation kit with ducting.

800 Series - The NEW Series for 2018 - 5 new models with powerful 800 cubic metres per hour extraction, LED low consumption lights and baffle filters. 

Classic Series - The perfect replacement models for outdated rangehoods. The sizes are typical of most existing rangehoods and are an inexpensive easy way to update a kitchen.

Dishwasher - Glem Gas

Glem Stainless Steel Electronic Dishwasher - NOW also available in white GDW24W

Intuitive easy to use controls – you don’t need the manual each time you change a setting.
A choice of 6 wash programmes including a rapid wash for when
you need clean dishes fast.

A BIG capacity 14 place settings reduces the number of washes
per week and the third cutlery basket makes loading a breeze.
The second basket is height adjustable because not all glasses
and plates are equal.

There are 4 options of delay start so you control when the dishwasher runs, off peak, while you’re at work – whatever suits your lifestyle.