Dishwasher - Glem Gas
Dishwasher - Glem Gas
Dishwasher - Glem Gas

Glem Stainless Steel Electronic Dishwasher GDW25SS- NOW also available in BLACK stainless steel model GDW25SB

 A coming together of ideas from Australia, Italy and the Far East to create value, style and flexibility - Glem GDW25SS - and now in BLACK STAINLESS STEEL model GDW25SB

Large Plate - Tall Glass Dishwasher
Able to wash in the same wash 30.5 cm diameter plates and 23 cm high glasses.
A choice of 6 wash programs including a half load that uses less energy and water when the dishwasher has a small load

12 place settings with the flexibitliy to hold 13 plates if required.
The delay start feature allows you to control when the dishwasher runs. X off peak to save on energy costs.

Child lock safety and adjustable upper basket flexibility