Rangehood Collections
Stainless steel rangehoods for Australian homes.

Quiet Air Silent Rangehoods - NEW 800 Series - Classic Series Rangehoods

Selecting the right rangehood for you - Call Gem Gas service on 1 300 307 917 for further information.

On Board or Off Board Rangehoods

Off board means the fan motor is located away from the rangehood - "Off Board". The advantage is the silent rangehood operation. 

On board means a conventional rangehood where the fan motor is located inside the rangehood itself. These rangehoods can be recirculated and installed in apartments and homes where an Off Board rangehood is unsuitable.

Quiet Air Rangehoods - Essentially silent. The Glem Quiet Air series of rangehoods have the fan motor "Off Board". The motor is away from the rangehood and located in the ceiling cavity. The only noise is air passing through the filter. All Glem Quiet Air rangehoods have a 7 Year Motor Warranty and include a full installation kit with ducting.

800 Series - The NEW Series for 2018 - 5 new models with powerful 800 cubic metres per hour extraction, LED low consumption lights and baffle filters. 

Classic Series - The perfect replacement models for outdated rangehoods. The sizes are typical of most existing rangehoods and are an inexpensive easy way to update a kitchen.

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